Luna Park: The Front Gate

Luna Park- Front GateLuna Park- Surf Avenue







This was the original gate to Luna Park.  The heart says “The Heart of Coney Island.”  The entrance, like most parks on Coney, was directly on Surf Avenue.  It is sad that a furniture store now occupies the site of this magnificent park.  (Photo on the left Courtesy of the Library of Congress).

Luna Park- Surf Avenue






The park’s entrance was altered for the 1905 season.  The main square entrance was still there, but it was surrounded by red & white wheels and crescents.

Luna Park






A shot of Surf Avenue and Luna Park during the 1920’s.  The park was not named after the moon (although Thompson and Dundy used that iconography a lot), but after Dundy’s sister in New Jersey.

Luna Park






“About 45,000 men, women and children strolling along Surf Avenue stopped and rubbed their eyes and stood in wonder and pinched themselves to see if there was not something wrong somewhere.  The Coney Island visitor does not expect much variety in the attractions gathered at the great breathing space by the sea, here was a strange sight at Coney Island.  Yawning on the dingy old pleasure thoroughfare was a monster arch, covering half a city block.  The interior of this arch was a solid mass of electric lights and rising many feet into the air were four monster monoliths, traced in electric lights surmounted by great balls of fire, which shed light over the island.” The New York Times May 17, 1903