William Reynolds understood that the Shoot-the-Chutes were one of the biggest draws at Luna Park and he decided to copy the ride for his park. In fact, that was his theory when building much of the park. Many rides, from the Chutes, the Fighting Flames (a copy of Fire and Flames) to Bostock’s Circus (Luna had elephants) were only some of the similarities between the parks.  (Photo Courtesy The Library of Congress)

Dreamland Shoot the Chutes





Nighttime has descended on Dreamland. This view is looking up at the chutes. Beyond that the ocean is rumbling endlessly.

Dreamland Shoot the Chutes 1909






The Leap-Frog Railway as seen from the Chutes.  The Strand (1905, page 782) magazine said, “Not since the dawn of the railway era has a means been devised by which a railway collision might be rendered positively void of danger.  However, with the ingenuity and genius of the modern inventor it is not so surprising, perhaps, that a system should ultimately come forward in which collisions should be looked upon not only as without danger but as part of the actual journey.”  Despite the flowery prose, the railway never worked that well.