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                William Reynolds understood that the Shoot-the-Chutes were one of the biggest draws at Luna Park and he decided to copy the ride for his park. In fact, that was his theory when building much of the park. Many rides, from the Chutes, the Fighting Flames (a copy…

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Dreamland: Panoramic Views of Dreamland & Coney Island

            This is Dreamland and Coney at its best. The sun has started to set and there is an air of excitement in the air. Dreamland’s 1,000,000 lights have begun to burn brightly into the night, inviting onlookers from Surf Avenue.  (Photo Courtesy Library of Congress)        …

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Dreamland: The Fire

At two in the morning on May 27, 1911 workers worked in Dreamland’s Hell Gate attraction, preparing it for opening day only a few hours away.  A few light bulbs burst, buckets of tar were tipped over and shortly Hell Gate was engulfed in flames.  The fire spread quickly to the rest of the park. …

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